Monday, 18 January 2010


I am feeling very old, very tired and very fragile. I cannot understand it, 60 is not old nowadays, and with more leisure time I really expected it to be the time of my life. Instead I am dosed up with painkillers and feeling sorry for myself. How did it come to this?

On Saturday as I was walking back from the paper shop, I suddenly found myself flat on my face. Rather like the petunia in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I found myself thinking "Not again". The last time I found myself in that position was when I tripped and broke my arm. At least then there was an excuse for it - broken concrete. This time I don't remember tripping on anything. There was no snow or ice, and although the road is not perfect I could see no defect that would have caused the tumble. It was raining quite heavily, but even I can usually manage to stay upright thought the rain drops.

Of course my first thought was, "What have I done this time?" Were there any more broken bones? Fortunately not. I did however scrap my left knee, there is quite a bruise there now, and bang my right elbow. What is is about my elbow that seems to come in contact with the floor before the rest of me? This of course meant pain in both arms as the old broken one is still more painful than it should be after nearly 2 years. Add to that the pain in my leg and I wondered if it would just be easier to shoot me there and then.

Luckily I was nearly home, so stumbled in and checked the damage. My clothes were wet and dirty and pain shot through my arms and leg with each movement. So took some painkillers and went to rest. This was very frustrating as I had just restarted on the horse latch hook cushion and found I was unable to continue.

Today I should have been at aqua, but have cancelled it due to the pain. But also I am suffering a lack of confidence on my feet. This is bad news as I cannot stay off them forever. I need to go to Tescos and get some milk and fruit. Suddenly my head is full of images of my laying face down in a busy supermarket.

Time to give myself a good talking to and get out there. I just hope my feet behave themselves. After all I have been walking, or maybe shuffling around the house for 2 days and have managed to stay upright. Why should today be any different?


bunches of yarn said...

Oh, Paula!, I'm so sorry to hear that. Good thing nothing broke. Bruices will go away, and you will be good as new in no time. Your water excercises are excellent for regaining strength. Ask you instructor what would be the most efficient excercise to strengthen your ankles. You should feel 'sure footed' all the time. Rebouders are the best for rebuilding bone density and phisical strength/power. Look up Cellerciser. They have youtubes and pages of information.
Blessings, ^__^

bunches of yarn said...

misspelled Rebounders ^__^