Friday, 15 January 2010


The neckwarmer has been finished. I used Stylecraft Life yarn in DK and it was a dream to work with.
More bread has been baked and the chunky cardi finished.
In between I have been reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. The 4th in the Twilight series. I love them, though I was disappointed with the Twilight film as Edward did not seem to be as I imagined him, nor Bella. So I don't think I will bother with the new film and just enjoy reading the books. I never learn, I usually find films so disappointing after reading a book, so its my own fault.

Yesterday I went to the florist to order flowers for a funeral. This is the first time that I have done this for some time, as the usual form now seems to be donations to good causes. Although I cannot fault this sentiment, I do find that funerals with no flowers rather sad affairs - errr, all funerals are sad, but you know what I mean? When our Dad died, my sister and I spent a lot of money on the floral tribute. Our reasoning was that this was the last present we could buy him. No more christmas or birthday presents. Maybe in a way showing how much we loved him. Many years ago when my brother died aged 19, our mother decided there would be no flowers. It was heartbreaking, especially as she only wanted family at the funeral. Len was 19 years old and if felt like he had lived those few short years and his passing seemed to show he had no friends to mourn him. Which was not true. So although I always follow the families wishes and will donate to their causes, I am so pleased when I know there are going to be flowers at the funeral on Tuesday.

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