Monday, 11 January 2010

Just another day

I worked last night, only doing 2 sleeps a month, but its great being back in the swing of things again. I know I am back there cos Steve, the boss, swore at me. At least he noticed me. When I first started there I used to feel as if I was invisible. Steve would walk in and say who is here today. I would say I was there. "But who is here", he would repeat. He later confessed that he did not think I would last 5 minutes in the job. So it is with great satisfaction that after a year I am still there, and not only being noticed, but sworn at too. It is strange how these little things convey so much. One of the residents was wearing the hat I made him for christmas. Steve says "I bet that f****** Paula made that". Its only jealousy cos I didn't make him anything. Just you wait Steve till you see what I have got in mind for you:)

Its raining and usually I would hate the rain. But is has washed away nearly all the snow from round here. The garden is a mess and everything looks dead. Maybe when the sun eventually shines again, it will be like me and buck up.

The only good thing is that the weather makes it easier to get on with unfinished projects, and after aqua this morning I am full of good intentions. I will make another loaf of bread and pick up my knitting needles. Does life get any better than this?


bunches of yarn said...

It is too bad that 'your' Steve guy can only express his fondness using such a vocabulary. (LOL)
That is a handsome breadmaker! and the bread looks yummy. I have to make bread too, maybe tomorrow.
Do you miss the snow? or is it hard to get around in it? I did not think that it snowed in the UK often. Been more aware of UK's weather since I have you and my knitting machines and me, and yorksett, and attic24 there.
Hey, stay warm, have some hot cocoa, and knit away! We should begin to thaw this week. Woohoo! ^__^

PaulaC said...

Yep Steve does have a colourful turn of phrase lol. No I don't miss the snow, it may look pretty but the country grinds to halt because of it. Been knitting away all week.
Hope you are keeping warm and your thaw begins soon:)