Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Unfinished projects

It looks pretty but I am so bored with the snow now.
I made myself an achievable New Years resolution - to finish off projects started in 2009. So far I have completed 2. Finishing off the machine knit cardi, and altering a pair of trousers.
I wonder what will happen to the projects I started over a year ago. But am trying to promise myself that nothing new will be started until I have finished the old. Even if it means scrapping it and starting again.
What is the oldest unfinished project in your stash? I have a latch hook rug started about 10 years ago, not to mention numerous cross stitch projects. How long will it take to complete them?


Susan said...

I started a patchwork quilt 6 or more years ago that still isn't finished. There's also a hand knit jumper which I started 4 years ago and am hoping to finish very soon.
Like you I am trying to finish my unfinished projects this year but I'm not convinced I will do it.

PaulaC said...

I must admit I am not really sure how many I will finish either. But the intentions are there:) Trouble is it is very easy to be sidetracked by new exciting projects along the way. Good luck with yours.