Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Guilty secret

I have a guilty secret, or rather more of an addiction. I cannot stop buying magazines. Womens magazines, puzzle magazines and cross stitch magazines, that I buy mostly for the free kits on the front, then rarely make them. I try to control the urge as it gets rather expensive. Not to mention taking up a lot of room. But the worst are the knitting magazines. I cannot resist them. The trouble is I buy them and put them aside for later, but later does not always come. Below are a pile of mags. that I am waiting to read. I keep promising myself I will read them soon, though I know I will find new projects that I want to start on straight away, that will probably join my stack of unfinished projects. This is a neck warmer started just before christmas as a present for someone. Hopefully this will be finished this week.
The chunky cardigan I knew would be so useful in the cold weather. Also using up a load of odd yarn from my stash. I have a couple of inches on the sleeves to finish. This may be finished before the snow disappears.
2 tapestries I bought knowing I wanted to do them. Not even started.
2 years ago I started on this horse latch hook cushion cover for a friends birthday in October. With any luck she will get it this coming October - after all I have 9 months to finish it.
This is an elephant rug started about 10 years ago. I am unsure why this was put aside, and am even more unsure when it will be finished. Its been waiting so long that the masking tape has dried out and come off.
From the days when I actually used to start things, and finish them. 2 rose cushion covers.

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