Friday, 16 April 2010

Colin Fry

Last night some friends and I had tickets to see Colin Fry at City Hall, Hull. Not a venue I had been to before so worth it just for that experience. The crowds were gathering when we arrived although it did not take us long to locate our seats and sit down.

It was hard to not compare Colin's performance with Sally Morgan last year. Although he had some witty one liners, and relaxed the audience, for me there seemed to be something lacking. Maybe that was just me.

People go to these shows for many reasons, .A large number of them are seeking answers to problems or just want the chance to speak to loved ones who have passed over. At the start of the show a disembodied voice warns that this is for entertainment and education only. Though lets be honest probably 90% of the audience are there to connect to the other side. Nothing wrong with this. Though a public venue for personal issues does not always sit well.

Personally I have always felt the presence of both my grandmother and my father. I believe they are there with me giving love and support in difficult times. Though this may be a continuation of the love they gave me in life. The unconditional love a parent feels for a child or grandchild that does not disappear in death. I felt no need of a public affirmation of this fact.

So why did I go? It was a good evening out, for less than the cost of a decent meal out. Would I go again? Maybe not to Colin Fry, but we do have tickets to a return visit of Sally Morgan in July. There is no doubt they are both sincere in what they do, though maybe Sally has the edge for creating a more homely atmosphere. Both happily signed autographs and books at the end and we had our pictures taken with them. And maybe, just maybe I too was subconsciously seeking answers to life's difficult questions.


David said...

Well Paula, I'm glad you enjoyed the show last night. Your comments are interesting.

However, I have seen Sally Morgan many times and feel Colin is in a different league, but I also feel you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the time.

It's all about choices and the likeability factor if you felt there were not a lot of differences between what they did.

I have spoken to many people who have seen Sally and Colin and the feedback I have had is in total contrast to your oppinion which I would add is extremely valued and appreciated.

paulac said...

Thank you for your comment David, mine was a personal view though my friends did agree with me.

For me Sally was someone I could relate to. Her life experiences were similar to mine and she came across as someone you could be friends with.

Colin had a slightly harder edge, which may have made him more professional on stage.

So you pay your money and take your choice. For an enjoyable evening out Sally won hands down.
Though maybe our expectations were different. I did not go for any proof of their abilities, my priorities were to have an enjoyable night out with friends.