Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Penny Grubb & Gervase Phinn

Such a lot has been happening, though not unfortunately on here. Its time to catch up and move forward.
On the 18th September I travelled to the beautiful Beverley for a book signing by local author Penny Grubb. We then had a lovely meal at a local hostelry followed by a visit to the authors home. Where drinks and snacks were abundant, not to mention some truly scrumptious cakes. Back on diet soon:) Sitting there listening to other writers and friends meant a pleasant afternoon passed far too quickly.

While in the bookshop I noticed that Gervase Phinn was coming to a booksigning there too, and immediately made plans to go and see him. What an opportunity, having first encountered him on the Ester Ranzan show many years ago. I have several of his books and they always make me laugh out loud. Then a thought entered my head. Wouldn't it be amazing to interview him? Well yes, but he is so famous, would he be interested? I sat down and wrote him a cheeky and flattering letter. No harm in trying. He got back to me saying he would be delighted! If you don't ask, you don't get.


Penny Grubb said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Paula. Just signed the contract on the next one - The Jawbone Gang - which should be out sometime next year, so there'll be another party.
See also http://pennygrubb.blogspot.com/2010/09/busy-book-launch-with-unexpected-sheep.html for the inside track on this one.

PaulaC said...

Thanks Penny I will watch the progress closely.