Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Knitting needles are alien beings

Winter must be coming, the boiler developes a fault and I pick up my knitting needles. Hopefully the boiler will be fixed again and I will once more have hot water, though I do have an electric shower there is some hot water.

The knitting is using some lovely aran I had left from the shop. I have spent some time deciding what pattern to use, none of them really grabbing me. Then on Sunday went to Skirleigh market and found just the right one. Started on Monday and frogged it on Tuesday. Maybe today I will actually make some progress. After months of small cross stitch projects, I find the knitting needles feel like alien tools. Maybe I should have started on something smaller and easier, but I have been knitting most of my life I should be able to cope with this pattern.

What on earth will happen when I unwrap the knitting machine, clear a space for it and once again try to make something? Another thing I am trying to decide what to make. Going through hundreds of patterns makes it difficult not to get side tracked. I can suddenly find a couple of hours have disappeared and I am no nearer to making a decision.

Not that I can worry about that today. I have a physio appointment this morning to see if the pain in my neck and shoulder can be helped. The tablets for the pain make me dozy - even more dozy than normal I mean. Which could explain why I am finding it difficult to make decisions. So I am pinning my hopes on a quick fix solution. As I know there is not one, I am doomed to disappointment again.

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