Friday, 1 October 2010

Half decided

Yesterday I had to wait in for the engineer to fix my boiler, so thought I would have another look at the knitting machine and patterns. Have decided that plain jumper is boring, so took out a few punch cards and had a play. My old favourite card three, with both tuck and tuck lace. No problems with this one as I remembered from years ago that if I put down the weaving brushes all the needles knitted off properly. But over the years I have knitted a lot of card 3, and maybe I wanted something different.
I tried a slip stitch and did not like it too much, so got out the lace carriage. This took a bit longer to sort as I had forgotten the edge pins and had to keep checking in the book for the settings.
I even had a go at punch lace, though that did not turn out as I had intended, probably because I did not use the fine thread made for this stitch.
I then thought about patterns and remembered that I had some knitware software on my computer. I measured my tension squares and put the stitches and rows. Had a play round with the different patterns, altering the neck and sleeve shaping until I was happy with the result. I have now half decided to do a lace jumper with dropped sleeves and round neck. All I need now is time to get started. As I am off swimming this morning and at weight management this afternoon

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