Tuesday, 15 March 2011

frustrating but all comes good in the end

It has been a frustrating couple of weeks as I have been trying to burn a video to dvd. It seemed to work, but when played on the dvd on tv it kept coming up with "wrong disc". Thought it was probably my computer as it is old and slow compared with the new multi media machines on sale. So went to see my friendly computer expert, Phil. He has upgraded both my pc and laptop over the last couple of years, and agreed that compared with a modern machine, mine probably were not up to the task. So then and there I purchased a new laptop. Funnily enough it costed the same as my old one did a few years ago (£495) but is so much better.

Of course each time I buy a new computer the operating system has changed. I have gone from the very early days of Windows 3.1 to Windows 7. Each time they change some of the features and you have to relearn your favourites. It was not too difficult, though some of the new programs give me a few more grey hairs trying to suss them out.

Eventually last night, after goodness knows how many hours working on it, I managed to burn a dvd that played on the tv. Amazing, I now have to do some more editing, titles, credits etc. Which means the 1 hour 14 mins. will probably be nearer an hour and a half for the finished dvd. But I am so pleased I did not give up, and I am very very pleased with my new laptop.

With all the time it took sorting out the dvd problem, I have not had much time with my knitting needles. However I did try and get a scalf made for the lighthouse project. Simple? No of course not. I run out of the yarn I was using 3" before the correct length. So frogged it all back and restarted on larger needles with less stitches. It worked, but would rather it had turned out right the first time, then I would have had another made by now.

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