Monday, 12 September 2011

exciting weekend

A recent trip south for my sisters 60th birthday proved to be an amazing experience. Despite worrying about the trains and timings, everything went smoothly and I had a wonderful few days with family. Now looking forward to going back again:)))
don't worry Lyn it won't be just yet x

I have just had an amazing weekend. Thought I would now be taking a break from my reporting duties for Seaside Radio. How wrong can you be? Was sent an email about Paull Holme Tower. Somewhere that I had never heard of, but certainly worthy of a look -http://www.ecastles.co.uk/paulltower.html

the owner, Simon Taylor, was on hand to show us around, and then kindly agreed to an interview. A man that is passionate about his "pile of stones" sorry Simon, beautiful building:) http://www.youtube.com/user/CSIDE1053#p/u/1/FjnQXObeDIU

Followed by a visit to neighbouring St Andrews church where I met local historian David Alexander Smith who has written a book about Paull. http://www.youtube.com/user/CSIDE1053#p/u/0/hqEN97y3XVA and also gave me an interview.

As if that was not enough excitement, yesterday proved to be even more thrilling for me, when I got to drive a tractor. Wow, what an experience. Video to follow later.

We finished the day at St Nicholas Church Keyingham where we attended a lovely Songs of Praise service and I met a wonderful lady of 101 years. Violet has been a regular worshipper at St Nicholas for over 80 years and she regailed me with stories of past vicars:)

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