Friday, 6 January 2012

Penny Grubb and Linda Acaster

As a bit of a bibliophile, some of my favourite interviews are with authors, naturally. Over the last few years I have had the privilege of meeting several local authors and chatting with them. Oh the unadulterated joy of spending time with these creators of the printed word. How I wish I had the talent not to mention single mindedness to join their elite throng. So I content myself with spending time in their company, and along the way getting some amazing interviews - which makes Justin happy as well. Many many thanks to Penny and Linda for such a lovely afternoon yesterday. For once the editing is not and chore, but pure pleasure as I once again immerse myself in their company. Two lovely and brilliant ladies.


Linda Acaster said...

Paula, crickey, that's quick. Thanks very much for putting both Penny and myself at our ease. It turned out to be a great afternoon - viewers can't see the big teapot and pile of biscuits below shot.

I look forward to Part 2 where, with a bit of luck, Penny will get a word in edgeways!

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Penny Grubb said...

Thank you, Paula. You are far too modest. These interviews don't write themselves. It was lovely to see you and I'm sorry you were forced to do a full circuit of the obstacle course that is our garden before finding the way in. Amazed at how quickly you produced a slick edited version. No wonder Justin is happy. I'm sure he doesn't pay you enough!

paulac said...

Thank you Linda and Penny, it really was a labour of love. I am afraid Justin does not pay me as I am a mere volunteer for Seaside FM. However I do get to meet such lovley people like you two.