Tuesday, 6 March 2012

card making supplies

When I shut the shop I still had loads of stock cluttering up my house. I had managed to sell bits and pieces on ebay. Although the card making stuff did not go as well. We now have something like 5 local selling pages on facebook. So I decided to post a few bits and see if I had any response. Within minutes I had my first customer. By last night I had managed to sell just over £50 worth. Of course they are at bargain prices which helped, and with no postage costs or wrapping to do. I have 2 more ladies coming round today, so hope to sell some more. Not that it has made  much of a dent in my stock, but will try some wool next and see how that goes.

2 packs Dufex cards £1

6 peel offs £1

10 sheets holographic card £1

Mixed packs of card 4 packs £1

decoupage 4 x A4 sheets £1

There is so much more that I can show people and they are leaving here with carrier bags full:)
It is taking a while, but hopefully I will one day have my home free of shop stock, and just have to worry about my own private stash - about which the less said the better:)

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