Thursday, 6 September 2012

A bit of an update

Oh dear this poor blog has been sadly neglected, and its the only way my sister sees what I am up, unless one or other of us phones. Not that you can see much on the phone, and we never seem to be on Skype at the same time.

Well there is a bit of updating to do, so will put a bit here now.

This is the King size blanket that a dear friend had knitted all the squares to, but then passed away without sewing them all together. I took on this task, and it was a real labour of love as Cilla was on my mind throughout. A part of me is relieved it is finished, though part of me is sad.

Another thing I have been doing, has been researching my family history. What an experience that is proving to be. Very frustrating on the one hand. Where are all my Grandads records? Intriguing on the other hand, as I wonder did Emily Swansberry (my 2nd Great Grandmother)

Emily Swansberry (1852 - )
is your 2nd great grandmother
Daughter of Emily
Daughter of Sarah
Daughter of Mary
You are the daughter of Iris Alice 

have a child out of wedlock? Did she adopt a brother or sisters child? If it was her's, how come she did not marry the father as she was 20, and married 2 years later when the child took her husbands name. Some mysteries will probably never be solved, but it  has been an amazing journey of discovery.
Recently a friend has done a 24 hour sponsored sing to raise money for the Withernsea RNLI. I felt very proud of him when the cheque for over £4,000 was handed over. 

I have uploaded several of Kevins videos, and they can be found at KevinYoungSinger on youtube. Kevin is a lovely man, though maybe not always very sensible - after all he took on the challenge of teaching me to sing. OK Lyn, I can hear you laughing from here. But I have actually stood on stage and sung in public 3 times. I know I am not much good but I do try, and funnily enough I enjoy it too.

Rapidly heading towards my 63rd birthday, I realise there may not be much time to fulfill my ambitions, so I am embracing what is left of it and wondering why I could not do all these things when I was young...............

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