Friday, 7 September 2012

One from the heart

My Nan

You broke the rules, I did too

And oh how much did I love you?
My friend, my anchor and my chum
You were of course my Mum’s Mum.
A woman who meant so much to me
You kept my spirit flying free.

Now years later I am also an Nan
The matriarch in our family clan.
Though unlike you I ache in pain
My empty arms await fulfilment in vain.
Forgiveness was yours in later years
All I have waiting are oceans of tears.

Maybe one day I will hear her voice
Maybe one day I can then rejoice.
My memories of you made me strong
Even admitting I was in the wrong.
But how long will this punishment last
When so many years have already passed.

My darling granddaughter you may not know
How much I love you and want you so.
Maybe you have been told I am dead
Maybe you have pictures of me in your head.
Fear not my love if you one day you go wild
Forgiveness is at Nanas house my child.

Never would I pout or judge
You will not see me bearing a grudge.
I have served my time as an outcast too
I will keep faith and love for you.
Maybe one day you too will see
How good a Nana's love can be.

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