Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Learning by mistakes

Who said Revenge is sweet? Not me that's for sure. Not that I set out for revenge, rather to save others having to go through what I had been through. However in retrospect, that only makes me as bad as the other person. Not to mention leaving me open to more threats and abuse. So this morning I clear up the mess and move on. It is liberating. From now on I leave it to Karma to sort out.

Anger burns so bright
Keeps me awake through the night.
I know I have descended to your level
See your horns and tail, you are the  Devil.
No more of this vengeance for me
Love and forgiveness set me free.
Shame should be your constant companion
Your home and mind in a deep canyon.
Well I  doubt you have any fear
But Karma makes all things clear.
Some day the payback will come
You will gets yours, be sure, you scum.

A friend has just lost her husband and her birthday is at the end of the month. She is like me and loves owls, so when I saw these in one of my knitting magazines, I knew this was the perfect present. I lost concentration on the second one and made a mistake, so will have to redo. But if we don't learn by our mistakes, we will never learn anything.

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