Thursday, 13 September 2012

Goodbye Treacle

Out to Spurn point with some friends I did go
What lay before me I wasn’t to know.
But cups of tea and cakes we did have there
I sat watching you all from my chair.

Lots of hutches in the garden did abound
Filled with creatures small and furry I found.
I had for some time been thinking of getting
A pet to share my life and stop me fretting.

However I had in mind a cute guinea pig
I looked at the rabbits and from my cup had a swig.
Just ready to leave their mothers they looked sweet
Snuggling on my lap what a wonderful treat.

I fell in love with their soft fur and noses
As one door opens another closes.
OK I will take two of them I do say
With box on my lap in the car I am on my way.

Oh dear I had no hutch or bottles or bowls
Just a large cardboard box filled with holes.
Out I went to buy a princely hutch complete with run
Where you could both scamper and have so much fun.

A few months later I was surprised to see
Lots of small eyes looking at me.
I thought two Does I did have,
Now I had a Mum and a Dad.

Quickly to the vet you did go to have the snip
You recovered well and back in the garden did skip.
But four extra mouths had to be fed
The thought filled me with feelings of dread.

Two were rehomed, a third the cat got
The fourth we kept, and loved him a lot.
When Fudge a few months later left us bereft
There was only you and your son Liquorice left.

Then this morning you left us too
The moment I saw your stiff cold body I knew.
I will miss you Treacle there is a pain in my heart.
For a rabbit you were sweet, funny and smart.

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