Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Little Bit of Sewing

My friend is having a 50's night for her anniversary. Great fun, I love the music from then, and even the clothes. But there is the problem, we have to dress in 50's gear. If I still had anything from that time, it certainly would not fit me now. But never mind, I have a sewing machine and overlocker, I am sure I can make something to wear.

Material cut out and tacked. Net cut and tacked. Better get my overlocker down from upstairs. I have not used this for at least 10 years, but its like riding a bike, right? wrong!

I want to do the net petticoat first, its black, the over locker it threaded with white. Something in the back of my mind reminds me that this thing used to be a real pig to thread up. Ignoring the little voice in my head I do what they recommend, break off the white and tie on the black and then run the machine. Ping, ping ping. Thread breaking all over the place.

OK get threading properly. 4 hours later I am still trying to thread this machine. Several times I think. I am there and try a seam. Several times I am wrong as it all unravels again.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again. So I kept on trying with the same results. I am now starting to remember why I put this up in my bedroom out of the way. OK will have one more try. By now I am ready to throw the machine through the window. But I do not want to have wasted a whole day. So I thread up my sewing machine............

In no time at all I have the net petticoat finished, albeit with one broken needle when I changed from zig zig to straight stitch without changing the pressure foot. But that did only take me moments to change and rethread.

Tomorrow my overlocker is going back upstairs with a big notice on it - DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU HAVE A WHOLE DAY TO WASTE TRYING TO GET ME THREADED UP.

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