Friday, 19 July 2013

Barnacle Bob

Withernsea are having a Pirate Festival on August 4th. Everywhere you look there are pirates handing out leaflets, wandering round Valley Gardens and chatting together on facebook. So I picked up my knitting needles and hunted out my Alan Dart pattern. http://www.alandart.co.uk/product/all-patterns/pirate/

Barnacle Bill now renamed Barnacle Bob will on the Naughty Nancy (our pirate boat)  in the parade this Saturday. I will be abandoning my pirate costume for one day only and travelling in a VW camper van in my 70's costume.

For a couple of weeks my fire alarms have been beeping at me. They needed new batteries, but were on high ceilings unreachable without a ladder - I do not do ladders. Someone suggested finding a friendly fireman. During my swimming lesson yesterday I discovered that Scott, my instructor is a fireman. I mentioned the problem to him, and this morning he and his mate turned up and fitted 2 new alarms for me. So many thanks to Scott and Carl for their prompt and amazing help, and all for free.

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