Saturday, 21 June 2014

Crochet Takes Over

It has been such a long time since I updated this blog, I had nearly forgotten about it. But I have been busy with bits and pieces. Thanks to Youtube videos I taught myself to crochet, something I had never got the hang of before. I started with simple granny squares, than moved on to amigurumi. 

I have also been given 2 more knitting machines. A Brother that needs some repair and a Bond which is minus one of the table clamps. Have been unable to find one yet but will keep trying. My beloved Knitmaster standard and chunky are set up and patiently waiting for me to have time to "play" with them again.

I now have a box of various squares that I am waiting to turn  into something.
Then turned to thread instead of yarn to make a couple of the doilies pictured below. By now I was getting a bit more confident reading patterns.


 My next door neighbours little girl loves Peppa Pig, so of course I had to put my crochet aside and make her one. She squealed with delight when she saw it, which made it all worthwhile.

 Somehow my projects were getting smaller, but not easier. Certainly not on the eyes, but great fun doing the earrings and am trying out some more  at the moment.

 Now all I need to do is learn to write out the patterns so I can do these again. It is easy to forget, and once I have given them away I do not even have them to try to work out  what I did before. I have sort of written out the parrot one, though probably not in a way anyone , including me, can follow. :)

 A quick break to knit Princess Holly for a friends granddaughter. Not that I enjoy knitting toys very much, but a few changes to the pattern, like using crochet for the eyes, cheeks and wings, made it easier.

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