Sunday, 17 August 2014


I am a hoader, I have a house full of various crafts that I know I will never use again. Every room has stashes or yarn, cross stitch, card making. Plus enough needles and crochet hooks to stock a shop. On top of which are my 2 knitting machines, a sewing machine and an over locker.

When did this compulsion start? I am guessing it was when I arrived up here with only 2 carrier bags of clothes and nothing else. Summer clothes at that, and I arrived on New Years Eve. The charity shops became a home from home.

In an effort to regain my home and am getting rid of of as much as I can. Even clearing out my wardrobes of clothes that I will never wear again.

But now I am worrying that I may throw away something that I later need - I remember selling a lot of my stock from the shop for silly low prices, only to now having to buy more at approx. 3 times the price.

As I will be 65 soon, I very much doubt I will even finish a lot of my wip, so why am I so jittery about passing on stuff to someone who will be able to make use of it? 

It is not only my craft stuff that I have been collecting. I have also got a fair amount of technology floating around. 2 Kindles and a Hudl is rather excessive, not to mention an ipod and mp3 player that I never use. There are 3 camcorders, 4 cameras and enough leads to nearly stretch around the world.

I like order, but with this amount of stuff it is more chaos that reigns. No matter what storage system I use, it still seems cluttered and messy. I have made 2 trips to the local tip, recycle religiously and throw away rubbish, but still there seems as much as ever.

 2 knitting machines that have not been touched in months. Or rather have not been put to any useful purpose.

 Boxes of yarn and material. Cones of wool, stuffing and 2 pairs of trousers that are waiting to be shortened.

 Magazines that will never be looked at again.

Boxes and boxes of wool, buttons and thread.

 The next lot of clothes for the charity shop.

This is some wool I could not resist buying yesterday.

 One good thing that has come out of all this destashing - I bought a new pair of boots last winter, then promptly lost them - I have now found them again ready for this winter.

Is it St Jude that is the Patron Saint of lost causes? I think I need him here with me now to sort me out.

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John said...

YOU 65 pah you dont look a day older than when I first met you dear.XX