Sunday, 20 December 2015

Bah Humbug - not really

A recent BBC 2 program titled Back In Time For Christmas, had me reminicing about Christmas past. The first Christmas in the 40's, not one I remember due to having been born in 1949. But the 50's one brought back so many memories - our presents being red dressing gowns or slippers from our parents. A stocking with nuts and an orange from Father Christmas, and my favorite, a  childrens classic book from my grandparents. I eagerly awaited each new book, from Little Women to Moby Dick. In a house with few books, these Christmas and birthday presents topped my most wanted. I can still remember the thrill of opening them and starting to read. In the afternoon we played board games and had a tea of tinned fruit and evaporated milk, a real treat.

By the 60's we had a TV installed by Radio Rentals. The most watched programs being, Andy Pandy, The Wooden Tops and The Flower Pot Men. All in black and white of course, colour did not enter my life until 1970. In 1963 my main present was a pair of brown ankle boots with a zip. Very useful as we had the coldest winter then I can remember. By the mid 60's I was becoming a teenager, and the best present I ever had was a hand held transistor in a brown leather case. Oh the joy of listening to Radio Luxenburg in the evenings.

In 1970 I married and Christmas changed again. I was the one cooking the dinner. I made a cake and the pudding, and there were more presents, although I have to admit I cannot remember any of them. Although in 1971 when I was pregnant with  my first daughter, my present were all for the forthcoming baby.

The  mid 70's arrived with 2 daughters, and presents covered the living room floor. Although at this time the yongest still preffered the paper and boxes.

1980 and more food, more presents. It was becoming a bit jaded. Shopping for presents began earlier and earlier. It almost felt like Christmas lasted a month rather than 2 days.

In 2010 I rediscovered the true meaning of Christmas with Carols at church, Christingle and Midnight Mass.

So this afternoon I will be going and listening to Carols. I have brought rather too many presents for the little people in my life, and will hopefully get my cards in the post tomorrow for last post before Christmas.

Todays children will have many many presents to open, but will they remember in 20 years what that presents were? Will Christmas past be looked back on for being something special? Will they have just one present that they will look back on with such special memories as I have remembering my wonderful children classic books?

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