Saturday, 8 March 2008

Have a cold:(

Have woken up with sore throat, shivers and runny nose. What a pain getting a cold right now. But after today I do not go back to work till Tuesday, so will pamper myself and see if I can shake it off.
Some time ago a friend gave me several bags of yarn that I did not recognise. Its Emu Florentine and seems to be a chunky yarn. As I hate waste, I have kept it but wondered what to do with it. This week I had some Raffia by stylecraft in, and it looks a bit like this one. I have found a pattern I like and last night started on this cardi. At last I am working on something for myself again. Though it could take a long time as when I am not knitting for someone else, I tend to keep putting work aside and doing something else.

At work when I have a lot of end of dyelot balls, and also yarn left over from items knitted, I wind off small balls and sell them to customers for toy making, intasia and children learning to knit. This basket is very popular with everyone, and means no waste with odd dyelots, or wondering if there is enough left on ball to make another garment.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon.

PaulaC said...

Thank you:)