Tuesday, 17 November 2009

more mistakes

Flushed with the eventual success of the fishermans rib, I decided to have a go at double rib. This gives a fabric that looks like stocking stitch but is thicker and has more stretch. Once again decided to start with a hat - small and useful.
I did the usual 1x1 rib before resetting the machine for double rib. The close knit bar went in and I rehung the comb and weights. So far so good. This is where I made my mistake - following the instruction book I started knitting. It all seemed to be going terribly well, and even when I stripped it off, I did not notice a problem.

I then took a closer look. Where I changed from 1x1 to double rib there seemed to be a line of dropped stitches.

Upon pulling the fabric down I ended up with a row of holes - very pretty and decorative for the right items, this was not the right item.

The mistake was that when I changed the machine from 1x1 rib to full needle rib I omitted to do the cast on rows, thinking because there was already knitting on the machine it would be fine. But of course it wasn't.

They say the man who never made mistakes, never made anything. Well this woman is certainly making a fair few mistakes recently. Maybe soon I will start making something else.

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