Friday, 20 November 2009

Not just knitting

Another hat - this is getting boring. But practise makes perfect....This however is not perfect, a couple of the edge stitches dropped. Not a disaster though, they latched up quite easily and when sewn up there is no sign of a problem.
Just for something different, I decided to make a christmas cake this year. Not bothered for the last 6 years, though before that I used to make about 8 every year. This is a new recipe and I have made a smaller one as well just to check it out before christmas and make sure it tastes OK.
I have also started art classes. Something I always wanted to do was draw, but my efforts always looks awful. 3 weeks ago I joined up and started learning about contours and toning. It was getting tedious, I wanted to draw something. So had half thought I would finish this 6 week course and not go back. However yesterday I actually got to draw something, a mushroom. OK maybe not the most exciting subject, but I think they really do look like mushrooms. Can't check though as I ate the evidence last night:)

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