Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dancing in Withernsea

Yesterday Withernsea hosted a tea dance in the Pavilion Leisure Centre. Many more people turned up than anticipated, and the dance floor was full of the more mature ladies and gents who had donned their dancing shoes for a couple of hours. I do wish that I could also have graced the venue with my own twinkle toes, but the few old time dances I actually learnt, have long since left my memory. However I did enjoy the music, and if there are any classes arranged in the future I will be signing up.

Paul Silvester - cute or what? - one of the organisers gave me an interview for Seaside Radio. Well I guess there are some perks to this reporting lark :) although there is a serious side to this. Part of the change for life initiative, this is a simple and fun way of staying active and fit. As we get older it is harder to exercise, but dancing is also a social activity that many enjoy. 2 more have been arranged in April, and I think it will prove popular enough to have a regular spot on the Withernsea calender.

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