Tuesday, 16 March 2010

learn to say NO

  1. I still have a pile of projects to finish off, something I started the in the new year with good intentions. Now I seem to be getting a collection of other peoples projects to finish off too.

The bear came from a friend who hates sewing up so will palm it off on anyone daft enough to say yes - moi?

Helen has not been knitting long and I have given her a lot of help - thanks for the chocolate Helen. Now I have a shawl she has been working on. All she wants is the edging sewn on. Umm there are yards and yards of it. Finally my sister sent a cardi she had started. The back and 1 one front look fine, but she got stuck on the second front. Once again I said send it to me. Good job I love you little sis.

All this when I seem to be spending less time at home. Today we are line dancing for sports relief. It is years since I put on the old boots and jeans and grapevined my way round the floor. But it should be fun.

Now I just need to get myself organised and finish off these projects, and then learn to say NO!

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