Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Where are all the Daffodils?

I see from previous posts that I intended to treat myself to a Wii back in October. Umm, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, they say. However I did not purchase this amazing box till last week. A retail therapy trip when depressed is probably not the best idea, but I do now own my own Wii with sports, sports resort and Just Dance 2, all part of the special package from Asdas. Luckily my friend was here with her Grandson, who set it all up and showed me how to work it. There is only one word for it - amazing. Why on earth did I wait so long?

Gradually my life returns to "normal". A young German girl is staying with me for 2 weeks holiday. Her enthusiasm and energy are catching.

St Davids Day and I wonder where are all the daffodils? There are a few buds in the supermarkets, but apart from green leaves appearing in the nearly bare ground, not a splash of yellow anywhere. No I lie, I have seen a few yellow crocuses scattered around, but have not yet seen a single daffodil growing.

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