Friday, 9 December 2011

Knitting Magazines

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for knitting magazines - in fact one day they may take over the house. This does not stop me from checking out the racks in every paper shop I visit. This week I was lucky enough to discover a shop of purely magazines in Grimsby. Well what was I to do? I really had to go and investigate. What a treasure trove. A whole section of handicraft took my eye. Now came the tricky part trying to remember the ones I already have in my collection.
One of the first ones to catch my eye was Issue 2 of Knit now. Not something I have come across in Withernsea, so the first one added to my collection. The free gift was a booklet of chunky knits and 3 cable needles. Not that I brought it if the gifts - in some ways I would prefer they lowered the price, as I am sure any knitter already has a full compliment of accessories. I certainly do. The latest Machine Knitting Monthly was soon added. Not that this one has free gifts enticing you to buy, this is rather that I need to get back into using my poor negleted machine and was looking for inspiration. Finally was Simply Knitting, a magazine I started collecting from Issue 2 and now how so many I know I will never get round to knitting everything I love in them. Once again it came with free gifts, a pair of 7mm needles and extra pattern booklet. I usually collect all these free gifts and put them on ebay. That way at least someone can get some use out of them.
So now I have plenty of inspiration, but not a lot of time. However I am going to make a new years resolution to make more time for my craft work, as the only things I have actually finished lately are a couple of small cross stitch projects.
The owl bookmark is a for a friend for Christmas, and the card just because I like it!

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