Monday, 23 September 2013

machine knit intasia

 It has been some years since I attempted intasia on my knitting machine. There are some great charts out there and thought it may be time to do it again. Its all in the preparation, but being an impatient person I did slip up on this. Wondered why my yarns kept tangling up, until I discovered I had left the main yarn in the yarn break instead of in front of me.

Once that was sorted I was away again. My second problem was following the pattern chart. I do have a magnetic board somewhere that would have been ideal. But once again I could not be bothered to find it.

 Consequently I missed some rows out, put yarn on the wrong needles and did some rows twice. Although as this was not really for anyone, it was just a practice piece, I carried on.
Of course the down side to this knitting is that there are masses of ends of yarn to sew in. But as this was only trying to see how it would turn out, I really don't need to.
Note to self - preparation is important if you want things to run smoothly :)

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